Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.  - Virginia Woolf

Laverne Shank

LaVerne Shank, a.k.a. Vern, grew up around Philadelphia, PA with an early start in the music & film industries through band, chorus and stage. While in high school, Vern was cast for a small part as an extra in the movie "Witness" starring Harrison Ford. This unique experience made Vern catch the "bug" to go to "Hollywood".

Upon graduation, Vern moved to Los Angeles, CA and attended some courses at Musicians Institute. As an avid music lover, he also performed in a few local bands and DJ’d on a nearby college radio station. During his tenure at the school, Vern enrolled in some film classes and tried his hand at writing a few scripts.

Throughout the years ahead, he would continue his entertainment related ventures. Some of these endeavours would include managing record stores, DJing, music and video work, executive producing, music label and artist management, song writing, recording artist, an on-air personality, show host and ownership of radio stations as well as other various productions.

Now residing in L.A. with a second residence in Florida, he has kicked in to high gear with a series of scripts and full length motion picture screenplays offering his creative and diverse talent on film, video and music projects from coast to coast.



  • Transference (Writer)
  • Bullet Time (Writer)
  • Hangin’ In There ~ The Harold Lloyd Story (Collaborator)
  • Transcendental Cabinessence ~ The History of Surf Music (Writer/Producer)


Films and Videos

  • Pop, Pop ('Tli You Drop) ~ The Cherry Drops - Music Video (Writer, Executive Producer)
  • Outta’ Sight ~ The Cherry Drops - Music Video (Writer, Executive Producer)
  • Little Saint Nick ~ The Cherry Drops - Music Video (Producer)
  • Let’s Bug Out ~ The Cherry Drops - Music Video (Producer)
  • Melvin's On the Makeup ~ The Cherry Drops - Music Video (Producer)
  • Into The Future ~ Mark E. Walker [feat. Freedom Williams, C+C Music Factory] - Music Video (Writer, Executive Producer)
  • Here We Go ~ Mark E. Walker - Music Video (Executive Producer)
  • Is This The Ending ~ Mark E. Walker - Music Video (Producer)
  • Seasons Change In the Underground ~ The Moog - Music Video (Creative Consultant)
  • I Wanna Take You To Paris ~ The Moog - Music Video (Consultant)
  • In The Sun ~ Midnight Moxy - Music Video (Crew)
  • Mars Is For Martians ~ The Boss Martians - Music Video (Consultant)


Theatre and Acting

  • Pop, Pop ('Til You Drop) ~ The Cherry Drops - Music Video (Actor)
  • Outta' Sight ~ The Cherry Drops - Music Video (Actor)
  • Into The Future ~ Mark E Walker - Music Video (Actor)
  • Who’s The King ~ Dog Eat Dog - Music Video (Actor)
  • Witness - Film (Actor)
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Theatre (Actor)
  • 30 Pieces of Silver - Theatre (Actor)
  • A Christmas Carol - Theatre (Actor) 


Music Related Projects

  • Everything’s Groovy ~ The Cherry Drops (Recording Artist, Song Writer, Executive Producer)
  • A Very Rockbot Christmas ~ Various Artists (Featured Recording Artist The Cherry Drops)
  • David Lane ~ David Lane - Album (Production, Manager)
  • Into The Future ~ Mark E Walker - Album (Executive Producer, Song Writer, Manager, Label)
  • Here We Go ~ Mark E. Walker - Album(Executive Producer, Manager, Label)
  • Pyramid Music - Music Label and Artist/Band Management (Owner)
  • Pressure In the Sodo ~ The Boss Martians Album (Co-Executive Producer)
  • The Flagler Music Factory - Music Lessons (Owner)
  • Energy / Roadrunner Records div. of Warner Music Group - Music Label (P.O.P. Rep.)


Video and Music Retail

  • The Flagler Music Factory (Store Owner)
  • Waves Music & Video / Trans World Entertainment (Store Clerk)
  • DJ Sound & Lighting Superstore (Store Manager)
  • The Wall Music / W. H. Smith (Store Manager)



  • WQFB Surf Radio 97.3 FM / 1700 AM (Owner)
  • WAKX KIX Country 98.7 FM (Remote Broadcaster)
  • WBHQ - HD3 Easy Oldies 100.9 FM (Remote Broadcaster)
  • WBHQ Beach 92.7 FM (Remote Broadcaster)
  • WNZF 106.3 FM (Remote Broadcaster)
  • WFBO The Blizzard 93.3 FM (On-air Personality, Producer)
  • KXLU 88.9 FM (On-air Personality)
  • Pyramid Disc Jockeys [Mobile DJs] (Owner)