We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.  - Ernest Hemingway

Into The Future

Script Completed June 2012

Dance / Pop, Music Video - Writer, Executive Producer

Mark E. Walker

ft. Freedom Williams of C+C Music Factory

Wrote script, co-produced and created st design idea for music video treatment for Into The Future music video. A futuristic story of breaking free from life’s chains that keep you from forging ahead. A story of wanting to feel love but feeling trapped and tied into a world without love and happiness. Dreams, flashes and glimpses begin to give her hope of what could yet be for her if she can only escape the things that are keeping her from being with him. An uncontrollable hunger to break the ties that bind begin to give her the strength to slowly escape her trapped world. As she breaks loose, she is finally alive and full of hope and desire for a better tomorrow as she takes her first steps into the future. Song co-written by Mark E Walker, LaVerne Shank and 3 time Grammy winner Freedom Williams. Music video executive produced by LaVerne Shank.