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Pressure In the Sodo ~ The Boss Martians


Album - Co-Executive Producer

Fronted by guitar-smashing, soul-shouting, anthem-writing buzzbomb Evan Foster, Seattle's Boss Martians are the rock `n' roll band to look for! All thirteen tracks on Pressure in the SODO are lessons in how to play rough yet ready unadulterated rock `n' roll. Taking the album over the top is the Godfather of Garage Punk and the Rock Iguana himself: Iggy Pop! He wrote the Detroit-style hard rocker "Mars Is For Martians" especially for Boss Martians, and the tune features a titanic vocal duet between Iggy Pop and Evan Foster, with guitars so explosive they sound like a street fight between Ted Nugent and Wayne Kramer. Other highlights from Pressure in the SODO include the prog punk-infused "Don't Wanna See You Again" (with the Jon Lordlike work of Martians' keys man NickC), the Cheap Trick-inspired power ballad "And She's Gone," and the huge-sounding epic rocker "Elsie," with its Thin Lizzy-meets-The Who guitar heroics.