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David Lane ~ David Lane


Album - Production, Manager

David Lane s self-titled debut album will astound fans of heartland rock and country music. With his honest touch for writing immediately relatable stories inside each song, and his strong live stage presence, Lane has garnered a growing legion of fans. He has opened for artists such as Tracy Byrd and Jared Ashley, and has worked with celebrated Nashville writer Liz Rose, known for her work with country music superstar Taylor Swift.

Recorded by up-and-coming producer Josh Cobb, this record features Lane s beautifully rendered, heartfelt songs about life and love s highs and lows. Thoughtful songs include a classic American rocker featuring longtime John Mellencamp drummer Kenny Aronoff, a gorgeous and moving tribute to his home state, the faithful love ballad Morning Light, and the timely Recession. Now the rest of the world will get to hear his music and be captivated by his startlingly simple, melodic, and thoughtful songs. These songs make a truly memorable debut that will establish Lane within a new breed of American heartland and country pop artists.