It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.  - Ernest Hemingway

Bullet Time

August 2013 to Present

Action, Drama Script - Writer

A peaceful farmer in the old west sees his wife and child murdered in front of him. A spaghetti western brought into today's world gripped with anger, rage and forgiveness. In a moment of revenge and rage, what would you do if you chose to stop from doing something you'd later regret?

See different sides of a story as they are "split in two" in a flashback sequence just before the bullet hits. In the first part of the story, our character goes through and avenges, by what would seem to be the killing of the vicious bandit while taking the law into his own hands. Part two of the story is the alternate opposite; if he had only paused in that pivotal moment, to refrain from pulling the trigger. Instead, realizing that two wrongs don't always make a right and that avengance may not bring peace to his life.

"Freeze stop" the bullet seconds before it hits and think for a moment... what would YOU do if you were in that same situation and how would it change the rest of your life?

Let's find the answers together in "BULLET TIME".